Frequently Asked Questions


fruiStrategy can be installed on-premise based on the special need of client. All the services remain the same except that the upgrades will be scheduled based on the mutual consent. If the clients need installation on their local server due to any company or government policy, we will be happy to do so.
Almost all masters and transaction screens have Excel file imports. It is easy to do the export and import of the data through Excel files.
Yes, fruiStrategy is methodology agnostic solution and suitable for any methodology. fruiStrategy can be configured based on the need of the organization.
The implementation takes 2 to 4 weeks based on the data readiness, user capability, and user requirements. The solution is designed for faster implementation and hence most of the modules are implemented by the users themselves.


Our Center of Excellence will be available all the time to answer questions. Based on the priority and criticality, the solution will be provided. All you need to do is register the support ticket with Center of Excellence.
We take up consulting engagements based on the need of customers. Customer can select particular strategy consultant from our advisory board and based on the need, the engagement can be drafted. The solution implementation will be part of the engagement and the process will be automated as part of the engagement. Contact us for more details.
Our Strategy Consultants and Application Consultants will be happy to perform a proof of concept with your data to show case the application capabilities and explain how it can help you. Please reach to our Executive for more information on how to start with the PoC. It is absolutely free and you can make your decision.


fruiStrategy employs industry standard practices for security controls such as firewalls, intrusion detection, and change management. In addition, the crucial parameters for security such as scalability, risk management, disaster recovery, data encryption, change management, and environmental securities are thoroughly followed and administered by our expert team.
Any customer data in the fruiStrategy application is encrypted in transit over public networks using Transport Layer Security encryption (TLS / HTTPS). The data provided by fruiStrategy's clients within the application is stored using industry-standard AES-256 encryption at rest.
Business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) activities prioritize critical functions supporting the delivery of fruiStrategy to its clients. The development and scope of BCP and DR in each business function reflects the criticality of each function and/or facility in order to maximize the effectiveness of these efforts.


fruiStrategy is hosted in AWS or Azure preferably based on the region. Please ask our sales executive to know exact details about the hosting service provider.
The data is limited to 50 GB on monthly basis which is more than enough for a typical utilization. However, if there is any special requirement then we can have a dedicated hosting or increase the storage allocations. For more details, please contact our sales executive.