Measure Owners

The key members of strategy execution process are the ones who own the strategic measures and the collaborators who either capture the data or help to coordinate to collect the data. fruiStrategy help Measure Owners to define measures connected to Objectives or Goals. The multi-level break-down of measures or KPIs can empower the measure owner to cascade the responsibilities

fruiStrategy helps the Measure Owners & Collaborators to communicate action items through internal review meetings or the actions taken during the executive meetings. The action items could be meeting actions, general actions, and general chat. Every action is registered with the option of task management and hence the system can send auto reminders.

The overall performance can be reviewed continuously and how the measure results are affecting overall strategy execution can be viewed through overall balanced scorecard or strategy map.

fruiStrategy empowers the measure owners to load the data in easy way either through manual inputs or through automations. The excel file uploads and downloads is very handy to manage data transfers. The solution helps them to attach file to the measure story so that it can be a supporting document for future reference. You don’t need to carry the file with you, the system stores and provides data and files as required as long as you want them.