Operations Managers

The operational managers are back bone the overall strategy execution process. Typically, operations functions include purchasing, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, marketing, customer service, human resource, engineering, quality, inventory, planning, and others. Each function has their functional strategies align to the organizational strategy and plays a key role in overall strategy execution.

Operations managers execute corresponding strategies and report periodically on performance measures. fruiStrategy help the operations managers to report on key performance indicators either through manual inputs, or through automations. The objective owner or measure owners are responsible to close the value gap on objectives, goals, or measures. fruiStrategy make the life easy for operations managers by providing necessary tools for performance reporting.

fruiStrategy helps operational managers to view the performance of their objectives and how they are aligned to the organizational goals, and see overall progress and transformation. Necessary action messages can be created either through internal review meetings or leadership review meetings. fruiStrategy helps them to have proper action items created, tracked, and closed properly without manual follow-ups.

fruiStrategy give the dashboards for operations managers to keep an eye on the performance on a day-to-day basis. The performance of the team members can be cascaded with multi-level KPIs and monitored through strategy reporting.