Balanced Scorecard - Critical Success Factors

Inaugural Edition | 2nd March 2024

The webinar Balanced Scorecard - Critical Success Factors by Mr. Alan Fell provides valuable insights into the frequent causes of BSC failure, unique challenges faced by organizations, and the effective ways to address and resolve them.

Design: Craft a potent Balanced Scorecard (BSC) by establishing clear strategic goals and objectives in a cohesive Strategy Map. Ensure seamless alignment and ownership throughout the organization for effective execution.

Content: Optimize BSC content with a focus on strategic, outcome-driven KPIs and realistic performance targets. Embrace forward-looking performance management and align strategic projects to avoid overload.

Management Usage: Realize BSC success through visible executive leadership, regular Management Reviews, and a performance-oriented culture. Strategically involve HR, align with rewards, and prioritize effective communication for holistic strategy management.